QVAULT for aXcelerate

Issue completely digital and fully compliant certificates. Learn how in minutes.

QVAULT for aXcelerate integration overview

Are you still using paper-based certificates? Or do you simply send your students a PDF via email? Are you aware of the costs associated with this method, including fixed costs, human costs, and risks?

QVAULT offers a secure, paperless, and efficient solution for issuing certificates directly from your aXcelerate SMS. Not only does it save time and money, but it also eliminates risks and provides easy sharing functionality, enabling students to share their achievements with their network while creating extra visibility of your RTO.

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Generate AQF compliant certificates directly from your SMS

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75% more cost-effective than traditional certificate issuing methods

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100% online, secure and verifiable

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Seamless integration 
QVAULT integrates seamlessly with your aXcelerate account

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Full Australian based technical support

A secure, paperless and streamlined solution for issuing certificates

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The QVAULT advantage for all stakeholders:


  • Certificates are stored in one online spot
  • No need to pay a fee for certificate re-issuance
  • No need to keep printed certificates on file
  • Shareable on Social Media


  • Saves valuable resourcing time and money
  • Integrates with student management system
  • No more complicated reissuing of certificates
  • Branding opportunities from students sharing achievements


  • Receive one link to certificates and records – no pdf attachments
  • Verify certificates with the click of a button
  • The student’s record of results is instantly accessible

What’s so great about going digital?


AQF Compliant

QVault certificates incorporate existing compliance requirements from your AQF Certification Documentation structure. Certificate numbers and the issue date are auto-generated, and RTO and student-specific information is pulled directly from your student management system.

Seamless Integration

Issuing certificates via QVault is just part of an automated workflow that is already built into your student management system. No new processes or lengthy set up time is required.

Instantly Verifiable

Each certificate issued holds within it data that relates to the student’s course history. QVault certificates can be verified in real-time, showing what the student has achieved, when and by which organisation.

Highly Efficient

RTOs that use QVault save their admin teams nearly a fortnight in certificate issuing time! No more manual processes or digging into files for students’ lost certificates, saving you time and money.

100% Secure

QVault data is housed on Australian servers, by an Australian owned and operated EdTech company. Certificates are unforgeable, so can be relied on as a source of truth for interested parties.

Shareable Achievement

Students with a QVault-issued certificate can share their certificates to over 179+ social platforms with the click of a button, putting the institution front and centre.

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